From: Gujarat   To: Telangana

Load Details
Starts on: 01 Jul 2016 Ends on: 02 Jul 2016 Weight: 1.75 tonne. Pay By : Sender Pickup date: 02-Jul-2016
Vehicle Type: Semi Bed Trailer Triple Axle-26MT-(40x8x7) Dimentions: 0 No. of Helpers: 1 tonne. Bids : 0
Additional Information

Empty 50 Ltr. Capacity carbouy of allover height 20” X 14” Diameter. Weight 3.5Kg/Carbouy.........500 nos.


1) Transporter will be responsible for any damage, shortage, losses of the material/goods.

2) Vehicle need to be placed on 1st day of every week.(Pick up may be plexible by 1 or 2 days).

3) Every week 2 vehicles need to be placed.

4) Transporter has to bid per ton basis.